If you have wetlands in your backyard, you can make use out of the area with the installation of a boardwalk. A boardwalk can greatly expand the backyard and give you a lot more space to explore without worrying about wetlands ruining the experience.

As you collaborate with a construction company to plan out the boardwalk design, you can select the layout along with some unique features to really make the boardwalk all your own. Learn about some boardwalk features to add and visualize a boardwalk installation that will completely transform your backyard.

  1. Gazebo Area

A boardwalk is not just limited to a single pathway. If you want to expand the use of the boardwalk area, then consider the installation of a gazebo. A gazebo area opens up wide and creates an area that you hang out at and relax on. You can place patio furniture on the gazebo and use it as a location to entertain family and friends.

The widened area is ideal for pets, children to play on, or for personal exercises. A gazebo is an ideal location for outdoor yoga. You can enjoy the nice weather as you stretch and have plenty of space to lay out a yoga mat and go through different routines.

You can include a gazebo area at any location of a boardwalk. You can keep the area closer to your home or make a gazebo the big open end point of the design.

  1. Looping Paths

A boardwalk design can form any shape you choose. You are not just limited to a single path back and forth. To provide different views and options, consider the installation of a boardwalk with a looping path. A lopping path can start at one point and then form a shape like a circle or square to reach an end point.

The start and end points can be located near each other, or you can widen the area out to have a larger boardwalk in the backyard. The lopping path can also have extensions outside of the main loop. At the top of the loop, you can feature a wide-open gazebo area or have small outlets to access other areas of your property.

You can use satellite map footage of your property to plan out a loop design and visualize your ideas with a construction company. An overhead look is the best way to see your path options and any potential obstacles like trees.

  1. Raised Overlooks

Many boardwalk installations are flat and level, but you do have the option to add a raised area to your boardwalk. A boardwalk installation can include steps that guide you up to a little overlook. If you live on the beach or have a home with a view, you can improve on the view with an overlook.

For example, you may want an overlook installed that faces right towards the sunset. With the overlook, you can enjoy spectacular views on a daily basis. You can bring chairs to the overlook area to have an ideal place to sit and relax while you take the views in.

  1. Permanent Installations

A boardwalk can include more than just a walking area. You can add some design elements to a boardwalk with permanent installation options. For example, if you could add benches along certain areas of the boardwalk. When the benches are bolted into the boardwalk you do not need to worry about heavy winds moving the benches around.

If you like to eat or grill on the boardwalk area, then you can have a steel-bolted garbage can installed. Once installed, you would only have to change the bags and have an easy location to dispose of trash while you enjoy the boardwalk.

The addition of permanent elements on a boardwalk should be done at the time of construction so the construction crew can complete the task and ensure all the elements are installed correctly.

  1. Grips & Rails

A boardwalk is an ideal place to complete daily tasks like speed walking, jogging, or running. Prevent slips and falls with the installation of grips and rails. Boardwalk grips include a gritty material attached to boardwalk planks so that your shoes can easily grip to and prevent spills.

The grips are especially helpful during mornings where dew and excessive moisture can create slippery conditions. With the grips, you can run at faster speeds and increase the intensity of your workout.

The addition of rails will keep a boardwalk on a contained path. You do not need to worry about falling off the edges or making a wrong step as you round a corner or increase your speed. Rails are a common part of many boardwalks and will improve the aesthetics of the boardwalk as well. You have many options for rails including materials like wood or steel.

Plan out your ideal boardwalk design with the help of our professionals at Abbotts Construction. We have years of experience building boardwalks and can help plan out an ideal boardwalk for your home.