Just like owning a boat, building a boathouse is a hefty and fun investment, if your county permits this type of structure. It requires proper maintenance to reap the best returns possible. Whether you are looking at monetary benefits, prestige, or just a way to preserve your boat, there are several reasons you should consider building a boathouse.

1. Secure Your Boat

A boathouse gives your boat a secure storage facility. It is much safer than leaving your boat next to a dock. You can sleep easy worrying less about theft or losing your boat during rough waves if you did not anchor it properly. A boathouse also shields your boat when there is extreme weather.

2. Protect Your Boat

Protecting your boat is a critical part of maintenance. A well-maintained boat shines and gleams in the sun adding to its beauty. Consequently, your boat functions better and lasts longer without expensive repair and restoration jobs or worse, having to make a new purchase.

Harmful exterior elements such as sand particles when it is windy, the sun’s UV rays, and dirt can all cause damage. Heavy objects carried off by waves can also damage your boat when it is out in the open.

3. Add Beauty to Your Home

To give your home an aesthetic boost, build a boathouse whose design complements your home. Boathouses have more to offer because they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. A well-designed boathouse will even make your home stand out from other properties around you.

Work with an experienced designer and a marine construction expert to design and build something that blends with your surrounding terrain to add beauty.

Whether you work with aluminum, wood, or composites, coordinate your choice with the color of your house and property to present an outstanding addition to your property.

4. Improve Accessibility

A boathouse is a good idea if you have children, elderly persons, or people with mobility issues that need to use the boat often. You also do not need to transport your boat to the water to use it. Simply step into your boathouse and enjoy the ride.

Some docks can be dangerous for anyone struggling with movement as there are no provisions for easy access.

5. Use It for Multiple Functions

You can easily convert a boathouse into space for leisure activities. Set it up as an outdoor entertainment area, and you can entertain your guests as they overlook the beauty in the waters. With proper planning, you can convert your boathouse into a lounge area for eating, drinking, or just having fun.

Work with your contractor to add levels to create more space above the boat dock. If you enjoy relaxing and watching the sunset in the evening, ask your contractor to include an upper deck on your boathouse to enjoy a rooftop view of the waters.

Also, when not in regular use, you can convert your boathouse into a storage facility, an office, or living quarters for the adventurous members of the family. While sheds are perfect storage spaces, you can save your lawn by creating that storage space in your boathouse. You can then neatly tuck away all your unsightly boat items while preserving your lush green grass to add beauty to your home.


Building a beautiful and functional boathouse requires skill and experience. It is paramount that you work with an expert to achieve the results you desire. You also need appropriate state permits and licenses. A professional marine construction contractor will advise you accordingly and help you get proper documentation.

While Sarasota County doesn’t allow new boathouse construction, Charlotte County does. Contact Abbots’ Construction Services, Inc. for an initial consultation, expert advice, and professional if you’re in our area.