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4 Tips to Help Slow Erosion at Your Dock

Erosion is a natural part of nature. Water, wind, and gravity destroy shorelines, especially along the coast. Unfortunately, you can't fully stop erosion, but you can use some tricks to slow the process. If you've been struggling with erosion at your dock, and you...

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4 Repairs for Septic Leach Field Problems

If you've noticed issues with your septic leach field, you may be so discouraged by the possible repair costs that you put off calling your septic repair company. However, delays could actually cost you money. In reality, many septic issues and even some leach field...

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6 Tips to Properly Care for Your Boat Lift

Boat lifts extend your boat's lifespan, make it easier to resell, and protect it from corrosion, stains, and algae. But to ensure your boat lift can protect your investment, you need to take good care of the boat lift itself. Keep reading for some crucial...

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What You Need to Know About Pond Dredging

A pond is often a beautiful and natural asset to your property, but a body of water comes with challenges. Many factors lead to an over-accumulation of sediment and plant life over the course of time. Eventually, a pond can become overwhelmed and seem to drown in...

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Teardown Properties: Should You Buy to Destroy?

When most people consider buying property for a new home, they either think about buying a home to move into or buying clear land on which to build what they want. But, there is a third option that may work out well for you: buying a home to demolish. How can this...

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How to Know it’s Time for a Pool Demolition

Year-round warm temperatures in Florida make almost any day an ideal time to take a swim in your swimming pool. However, sometimes a pool reaches the end of its usefulness and needs to be demolished. Here's how to tell when a pool demo might be the right answer for...

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