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Voted as one of the top 10 happiest seaside towns by Coastal Living, Venice, FL, is a beautiful place to live. With such a great view of the ocean and Venice’s warm, sunny climate, this is a place where you likely enjoy boating as often as possible. But when you retire your boat for the day, is it secure? If you’re still tying your boat to the dock, here is why you should consider the advantages of using boat lifts in Venice, FL.

Prevent Blistering

When you leave your boat in the ocean, it will gradually absorb water. When the hull becomes saturated with water, it will form unsightly blisters that are difficult to repair. At Abbotts’ Construction Services, Inc., we sell DECO boat lifts made of high-quality aluminium that elevate your boat out of the water so you never have to deal with this issue.

Keep Your Boat Clean

Another reason many people use boat lifts in Venice, FL, is to prevent those unsightly rings and stains on your boat’s gel coat from leaving your watercraft in the water. Boat lifts can protect your boat from staining and corrosion. You can choose from the following types of lifts:

  • Personal watercraft lifts
  • Maxi lifts
  • Maxi elevator lifts
  • Custom lifts
  • Concept CRS lifts
  • Concept CRS elevator lifts
  • Beamless concept CRS lifts

For more details on our quality boat lifts in stock, call us at (941) 486-8137. We’ll give you a free estimate on boat lift installation.