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Residential and Commercial demolition contractor serving Southwest Florida

License No. CBC1256758

Abbotts’ Construction Services, Inc. has specialized in structural and selective demolition for commercial and residential projects for over 25 years. Abbotts’ owns a versatile fleet of equipment that would be suited to efficiently complete many types of demolition projects. We currently provide a broad range of demolition services including demolishing buildings, houses, mobile homes, swimming pools, sheds, garages, concrete and much more. No project is too small. Our select demolition services include anything from demolishing an interior wall, tearing out an entire kitchen, bathroom, flooring, and even sections of a roof. You can trust our professional staff to serve any of your interiors or structural demolition needs including permitting, inspections, utility disconnects, septic tank abandonment, plugging a well, and silt fence installation. Abbotts’ is a family owned and operated demolition business that is fully licensed and insured.

Call us today at (941)486-8137 for your free demolition estimate.

Abbotts’ Construction is fully licensed and insured.  Call (941)486-8137 to schedule a consultation and get your free estimate.

Do you give free estimates?
Yes, estimates for all services are free
How long does it take to get a permit?
The average time to obtain a permit is 10 days.
Can personal belongings be left inside?
Yes, there is an additional charge to remove personal belongings. The dump where your demolition debris is taken does not accept personal items such as clothing or furniture. Those items would be separated and hauled to a different dump site.
Do you demolish smaller structures like sheds?
Yes, all types of demolition jobs are considered including sheds, small miscellaneous structures, concrete slabs, etc.
Do you demolish pools?
Yes, we demolish pools, decks, and even remove above ground pools.
Who disconnects the utilities?
It is the owner’s responsibilities to contact their utility companies and have all services removed before the demolition process begins.
Are you fully insured for demolition?
Yes, all customers should be absolutely sure that their demolition contractor is fully insured. When you hire Abbotts’ you can rest assured that you will be covered. Always request an insurance certificate from your demolition contractor, and make sure it comes directly from the insurance company. Some contractors use blank certificates and insert your name as the insured, but this certificate is NO good to you if it does not come directly from the insurance company. If an accident occurs while the demolition contractor is performing your job you could be held liable without this certificate. In addition, make sure if the demolition contractor is subcontracting drivers to haul your demolition material to the dump that they are properly insured as well.
Does my estimate include hauling the demolition debris to the dump and the dump fees?
Yes, if you hire a demolition contractor always be sure that your demolition debris is hauled to a certified dump for demolition debris. Some Demolition contractors have been caught burying the debris on site or hauling it to illegal dump sites to avoid paying dump fees.
Do you salvage material such as windows or doors for resale before you begin the demolition process?
Not usually, our company is not in the salvaging business. If you want anything to be saved from your structure it must be removed prior to our arrival. If you decide to allow a company to salvage material before the demolition make sure that they are insured. If someone is injured during the salvage process you could be held responsible.