Year-round warm temperatures in Florida make almost any day an ideal time to take a swim in your swimming pool. However, sometimes a pool reaches the end of its usefulness and needs to be demolished. Here’s how to tell when a pool demo might be the right answer for you.

A Pool is No Longer an Asset to Your Property

Homeowners often feel a pool increases their property value because of its initial monetary investment. However, there are times a pool is no longer an asset to your property. When it’s time to sell your home, for example, prospective buyers may not appreciate the presence of a pool and look to other home listings that do not feature a pool.

While you don’t need to demo a perfectly fine swimming pool simply to sell your home fast, there are times a demo is a priority before you list your home. A pool in extreme disrepair is not only an eyesore, but buyers see the pool as a reason to offer less money. If your pool has become a hopeless swamp, has major structural damage, or is extremely outdated, you might want to consider a demo.

A Pool Takes Up Valuable Yard Space

A pool is no longer useful when you decide your yard would be better without those gallons of water and yards of hard deck. If your yard is very small, you might benefit from the new extra room that becomes available after a demo. An already large yard can become even more spacious as well.

Florida’s lovely weather begs for outdoors recreation time and additional yard space can be put to better use once the pool is demolished and filled in. Gardening space, extra grass, an enlarged patio and BBQ island, a basketball court and a host of other outdoor options become a reality when the pool is gone.

A Pool Becomes Expensive to Use and Maintain

The average annual cost to own and maintain a pool hovers around $4000. The price of water, gas and electricity needed to fill, filter and heat the pool rises when utility charges rise. Additionally, extra costs occur when it’s time to replace a filter or pump after a breakdown.

An older pool can experience increasingly frequent repairs as well as need new safety updates and requirements. If you feel like the price to own and enjoy a pool is just not worth it anymore, it might be time to consider a demo.

A Pool Is No Longer Being Enjoyed

Sometimes interest in a pool decreases over time once the newness has worn off. With a rise in community or HOA pools, families simply don’t want a private swimming pool in their yard anymore. What do you do when your children have grown up and gone away? You might find your original enthusiasm for a pool has left now that your family is smaller.

It could be time to consider a pool demo if you find your family no longer uses a swimming pool.

A Pool Can Be Demolished by the Right Contractor

Pool demo time is not something the average homeowner can tackle in one weekend. In fact, most homeowners should never attempt to demo their pool without professional help.

Fortunately, Abbotts’ Construction Services Inc. is equipped with the right knowledge to perform a pool demo the right way. Different types of pools require different demo and backfill techniques and an inspector must verify proper soil backfill if you plan to build over a former pool site.

We at Abbotts’ Construction Services Inc. also take care of permits and inspections to facilitate a seamless demolition. Visit us today and find out if a pool demo is right for your home.