Your septic system is a very important part of your home. It allows waste to leave your home safely and without causing you any problems.

Unfortunately, even the very best septic systems will not last forever. How long they last varies based on when the system was made and other factors. The good news, though, is septic systems will typically let you know when something isn’t right. You just need to know the warning signs to watch for!

By making yourself aware of the warning signs of a failing septic system, you can be sure to get yours fixed or replaced before you run into serious problems.

Sewage Backup

Some of the indicators of a septic system being near failure can be rather gross in nature. As unpleasant as some of these signs are, the good thing about them is that they require you to take immediate action, which is exactly what you want to do when a septic issue presents itself.

One of the more disgusting signs you may experience is the finding sewage material in places you shouldn’t, such as toilet bowls or sink drains. If you notice any dirty, brown-colored, foul-smelling liquid in these areas, your septic system is the likely culprit.

A system that is overly full, that has a clog or that is malfunctioning due to age and use will often void its contents in this way. If this happens to you, don’t ignore the problem. If you do, it will only get worse.

Standing Water

Another unfortunate sign of a septic system that needs to be replaced shows up outside of your house rather than inside it: standing water on your lawn. This water typically appear near where your septic system pipes and parts are located.

Standing water that came from a septic system is quite smelly since. After all, it’s backed-up waste water that your system, due to some error or issue, can no longer contain.

If you’re not sure where your septic parts are located on your lawn and you notice this sign, take the extra precaution of having a professional take a look anyway. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to septic tank maintenance.

Poor Flushing

When your toilet doesn’t flush, doesn’t flush fully or requires you to hold down the handle in order to flush, you may think that you have a toilet problem and that you need to call a plumber.

While that can sometimes be the case, the problem could also be with your septic system.

Your septic system is connected to the toilets in your home. When you experience unexplained issues with your toilet, your septic system could actually be the thing at fault. A plumber or a septic system specialist can easily identify the source of the flushing problems.

Strange Smells

One final indicator that there may be a problem with your septic system is unexplained odors in your home.

A septic system that is backing up or experiencing other problems will often emit unpleasant, undeniable smells. Don’t ignore that smell. Have the issue checked out to see if your septic system could be at the root of it.

As you can see, your septic system will typically let you know when something is amiss. Whatever you do, do not ignore the warning signs that it sends you.

If it turns out that you do, despite your early attention and best efforts, need a new septic system, don’t worry. Remember that you can always call on the professional experts at Abbotts’ Construction Services, Inc. for help installing a new system.