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Marine FAQ

Do you install seawalls?

Yes, we can install a new wall or replace an existing seawall. We also remove and replace seawall caps on existing walls if the seawall panels are in good condition.

Do you install docks?

Yes, Abbotts’ installs new docks as well as rebuilding or replacing existing docks.

Do you install beach walkovers?

Yes, check out our marine section on the website to see pictures of completed walkovers.

Do you repair boat lifts?

Yes, We can repair your boat lift as long as the main structure of the lift is in good condition.

Do you have samples for materials that are used on docks and walkovers?

Yes, call to make an appointment and our estimator can supply you with material samples.

I live near the water can I re-nourish my coastline?

Yes, we have completed numerous beach re-nourishment projects. Look on our site for some before and after pictures.