Do you have wetland on part of your Florida property? If so, you face unique challenges in making the most of your land. But you also have great opportunities to create a unique and beautiful place to call home. One way that wetland property owners can do this is with the strategic use of boardwalks.

While most people think of boardwalks in large-scale terms, they’re perfect for private land too. Should you build one or more boardwalks on your property? Here are a few good reasons why it could be right for you.

1. Boardwalks Make Land Accessible

Anyone with swampy, marshy, or permanently flooded land finds that their use options can be limited. You can’t build large structures on the land unless you make significant changes to its stability. Even walking on it or allowing animals to roam could be dangerous or unfeasible. And you may or may not have permission to make structural changes to a wetland to increase usage.

Boardwalks help make those unworkable areas good for use by people and pets. By building a floating, bridge-like boardwalk over the problem areas, you can enjoy nature and have the recreation you want no matter how challenging the ground is.

2. Boardwalks Can Be Low Maintenance

Land owners dealing with difficult terrain often make use of a variety of temporary or permanent measures to combat it. They may lay down ground-level walkways using various materials, but these often require constant maintenance and repairs or replacement. Or an owner might use barriers or reinforcements to hold back the water.

All these measures face the same constant problem — the water, mud, and pests that naturally eat at and erode structures. This is where the natural advantage of boardwalks comes in handy. Rather than fight the elements, boardwalks literally rise above the problem and stay safer. High-quality boardwalk construction uses materials that will experience minimal rust, moisture damage, and cracking.

3. Boardwalks Protect Nature

Florida residents appreciate the natural beauty and bounty of their state, and landowners want to protect that. A boardwalk helps in many ways. First, it keeps family and visitors off the fragile wetland so they don’t cause any accidental damage. It also creates natural gathering places and entertainment zones only where you want people to be.

Second, the boardwalk hovers above the land — at whatever height is right for your needs — making less of an impact on the wetland than many other structures or walkways. Animals can continue to use the land and water in natural ways. Outdoor lovers benefit from this with more natural enjoyment of birds, fish, amphibians, insects, and other wildlife because the boardwalk helps them get closer than ever.

4. Boardwalks Can Be Customized

No matter what your terrain issues, meet them with modern boardwalk building methods. Want to make the most out of limited land? Build a winding boardwalk that takes in more physical land. Have hills and valleys? Add ramps or stairs to meet elevation changes. The land is oddly shaped? Your boardwalk could follow any pattern, such as a long path to a single destination like a fishing pier or gazebo.

Remember that you can customize nearly any aspect of a boardwalk. Build it as high or as low you want. Include any elevation changes you need. Make it as wide or as narrow as you want at each different point. Include additional support structures for benches, pergolas, roofs, and docks. And use materials that will best fit your personal style and how you want to use the boardwalk.

5. Boardwalks Increase Land Value

When you make better use of more of your land, the value of your property increases. After all, most people don’t want to spend money on a bunch of land they cannot use. Good quality boardwalks help future homeowners see how they can maximize the potential of the property. And because the boardwalks are already constructed, they know that their own maintenance and repair costs will be lower.

If you have access to water from your land, a boardwalk helps boost the value of that feature by making it easier and cleaner to get there. And for many Florida home buyers, simple and enjoyable walking access to the ocean, lakes, and rivers is worth a premium price.

Could a boardwalk help you make the most of your wet, open space? Could it bring you closer to nature while keeping your family and pets safer? If you think this permanent solution might help solve your particular problems, start by learning more about boardwalk design, installation, and maintenance.

Abbotts’ Construction Services, Inc., can help. Our experienced marine construction team specializes in the unique challenges of Florida building. We will work with you to assess your property and find the best solutions to help you enjoy it. Call today to make an appointment.