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Periodically when an owner is in the beginning stages of building a new home, they will find that their lot has to be demucked before construction.  The muck is a layer beneath the topsoil usually consisting of bay bottom silt or organic material that decomposed over time from buried mangroves.  This soil is an unstable material, and a soil engineer will determine whether or not it has to be removed or re-compacted.  When the muck is removed, it is replaced with a compactable fill or sand material that is installed in 12-inch lifts that are compacted between each lift. After all of the muck has been replaced with compactable fill/sand you are ready to start your building pad.

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Abbotts’ Construction is fully equipped to handle your demuck project from start to finish. Call our office at (941)486-8137 to receive a free estimate.

A soil report from the engineer is all that is needed. If you need to be referred to a soil engineer we can help with that as well.