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Drain field Installation and Repair

Solids and greases are contained by the septic tank.  The effluent water that passes through the distribution box and into a series of perforated pipes that are placed on a gravel bed known as the drain field.  Beneath the drain field, a layer of slime will accumulate known as the biomat.  The biomat is comprised of anaerobic bacteria that continues the clean the wastewater as it enters the soil.  The water that percolates through the soil and back into the water table is a purified water.

Natural bacteria in a septic system are very sensitive and can be disrupted by overuse of common household cleaners, grease, and even by antibiotics if a homeowner is sick for a long period of time. When this bacteria isn’t functioning properly the solids will escape from the septic tank into the drain field.  Over time, this will cause the lines in the drain field to clog and fail.  When this happens your drain field will usually have to be replaced.

You should always avoid waiting too long between pump outs, over using household cleaning products, and driving vehicles over the drain field.


If you are unsure if you have a drain field problem a homeowner can usually diagnose the problem on their own if there is an odor outside, if there is standing water near the drain field, or if the toilets, showers, etc. are slow to drain.

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