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Rock Revetment or "Rip-Rap"

Revetments protect the shorelines and banks around bodies of water. Unlike of seawalls, rip rap revetments are made of boulders and limestone rocks that are placed along receding shorelines or banks.


We can construct a revetment in any size, depending on the velocity of the surrounding water. Usually, the higher the water’s velocity, the larger the revetment. Our builders are fully equipped to install boulders of any size to further protect the surrounding shorelines.

Additionally, revetments need to be maintained regularly. Since they’re made of rocks and boulders that can erode with wind, wave, and storm exposure, they will sag and not preserve the shoreline as effectively.


If the revetment near your location has begun to erode, let us know. We can inspect the area and perform any maintenance necessary to stabilize the revetment again.

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