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Seawall Construction


When you have property on the edge of the coast, you may worry about the steady erosion of the shoreline, and flooding. Seawalls are a sense of defense against waves that can gradually eat away at the coast, but you can slow the process and protect your home or business by installing seawalls between your property. The crashing waves fixes the boundary between the sea and land which can be beneficial if important infrastructure or buildings are located on the shoreline.


We’ve installed seawalls for over 20 years, and our seawalls will properly protect your property for several years to come. We offer a few different options to suit various coastal situations. Our capable team will first inspect your property and then discuss with you which options might be best. We are with you every step of the way. After the initial site inspection, our team will begin the engineering the process to pick what materials are best suited for your job, then we will acquire the proper permits, and begin the building process. 


            Seawalls that we offer:

Composite Seawall

These seawalls are grey in color corrugated in plastic. They are engineered material with strength, consisting of fiber reinforced polymers

Concrete Seawalls 

For concrete seawalls, we use large precast concrete slabs. These slabs are made with 5,000 psi concrete and set with machinery. After the slabs are put in place, we form and pour a reinforced concrete cap.

Wood Seawalls

For fresh water properties, we can install quality wood seawalls. We’ll construct the seawall onsite to suit your property.

    Vinyl Seawalls

Our vinyl seawalls can be put in front of existing seawalls that are corroded, cracked, or otherwise damaged. They can also be installed in difficult-to-access areas. We’ll first place and interlock the vinyl panels, and then we’ll pour a concrete cap with a tieback system to keep the panels firmly in place.

   View our seawall gallery!

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