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Boat lift installation and repair

As a resident of Southwest, FL, you enjoy spending your free time on the water—and if you own a boat, you can go farther out to sea and enjoy the rapid waves and the cool breeze. However, to safely get your boat in and out of the water, you need a quality durable boat lift.

Abbotts’ Construction Services, Inc. has provided boat lifts to residents in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties including surrounding areas such as Venice, Nokomis, Casey Key, Manasota Key, Longboat Key; and elsewhere in the region. Get in touch with us to choose from our array of boat lifts.

We believe that all boaters should have access to the highest-quality boat lifts available. To this end, we sell DECO boat lifts. These lifts are made high-quality aluminum and come in a range of styles and sizes. Additionally, DECO offers 10-year warranties on their products.


 Different boat lift types we offer:

DECOs Concept CRS (cable retention system) Beamless Lift -
4,000 lbs.- 24,000 lbs

This particular lift has Azek decking on it. The color is English Walnut. 
Behind it is another concept CRS beamless lift. This one is also #6,000 lbs.

Some of the features of these lifts include: 4 stainless steel motors, stainless steel drive, pipes, nuts, and bolts. A superior box beam, with aluminum construction. 4 concept direct drive gearboxes, and DECOs exclusive aluminum and high density plastic chock system.

DECOs Concept CRS Lift-
4,000 lbs-40,000 lbs

This particular lift is a 20,000 lb cable retention lift. 

Some of the features of this lift include: superior box beam aluminum construction, 4 stainless steel motors, and 4 direct drive gearboxes. Like the beamless lift, this lift also has the DECO exclusive aluminum, and high density plastic chock system. 

DECOs Maxi Direct Drive Lift- 4,000 lbs- 16,000 lbs

This particualr lift is a 10,000 lb Maxi Direct Drive Lift

Some features of this lift include marine grade I- beam lowers, grooved cable winders, completely carpeted full-length bunk boards, and welded construction (on all non- adjustable components)

Elevator Lift-
6,000 lbs- 20,000 lbs 

This patricular Elevator lift is a 20,000 lb CRS lift

Some features of this lift include DECOS cable retention system, stainless steel motors, box beam aluminum construction, zinc anodes for corrosion protection, 


  View our boat lift gallery!

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