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Long Boat Key

When you live in Longboat Key, FL, you’re never far from the water. The narrow island gives
you almost unlimited access to gorgeous beaches and stunning shorelines.

But this access also comes with a minor drawback: water damage. Even the sturdiest boat lifts,
docks, and seawalls deteriorate beneath the ocean’s constant pounding.

To keep your marine construction in good repair, talk to the team at Abbotts’ Construction
Services, Inc. As certified contractors, we can handle whatever projects you throw our way.

Restore Your Property
Whether you have an old dock that needs updating or you would like to install a new sea wall,
our team has the tools and the equipment to finish the job.

Some of our most common marine construction projects include:

  • Beach re-nourishment

  • Beach walkovers

  • Boat lift repair

  • Dock repair

  •  Dredging

  • Kayak launches

  • Retaining wall installation

  • Seawall repair

We also excel at septic tank pumping and installation, demolition, and site preparation. To find
out more, browse our services listed above.

Call for a Free Estimate
Our team has worked in the marine construction industry for over 20 years. During this time,
we’ve developed a working relationship with homeowners and business owners
throughout Longboat Key, FL and the surrounding areas.

If you would like to schedule our services, call (941) 486-8137. Well gladly give you a free
estimate and answer any questions you might have.

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