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Boardwalks and Walkover

A boardwalk is an elevated footpath, walkway, or causeway built with wooden planks that enables pedestrians to cross wet, fragile, or marshy land. 


While many people think of the large and expansive boardwalks that you can find at many coastal communities, others may not realize that you can have a boardwalk for your own home.

A boardwalk lets you get up close to coastal flora and fauna, provides an attractive addition to your home, and helps you enjoy the gorgeous views that a coastal home often brings.

If you want a boardwalk that truly matches your preferences yet also emphasizes the local surroundings, we can help. We can consult with you on your goals and needs for your boardwalk, including the materials, design, and desired path length. We also can advise you on the local rules and regulations regarding boardwalks.


When you work with us, we can help through all phases of the project, including design, build, and maintenance. We can ensure continual communication and quality work so that you can rest assured that your boardwalk is in the right hands.

Additionally, if you want to provide a boardwalk in your subdivision for residents to enjoy the local beauty, let us help with that as well. We can build on any terrain that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible on a normal walk. One such boardwalk we are proud of constructing goes through a nature preserve to one of the Myakka River overlooks that is pictured above.

Check out the walkover gallery!

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