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3 Reasons To Choose Deck and Dock Replacement Over Repairs

Over the years, the condition of your home's seaside dock has probably gone through some wear and tear. You may have done some repairs or patched up areas, but time can have a major impact on the overall condition of the dock. Instead of making repairs over and over again, you may want to replace the whole dock completely.

Check out some of the benefits you will find with a dock replacement and how a marine construction crew can completely transform your dock area for the better.

1. Rust and Eroded Wood Removal

If you have an older dock, one of the main problems you may come across is rust. Rust will form around older nails and screws that do not offer the same protection as newer accessories. When the rust spreads, it not only looks bad, but it can spread and eventually eat away at any metal parts on the dock.

Excess moisture can cause rust to form and also cause eroding to the wooden planks as well. Even if you replace some of the screws or the wood, the damage is done, and you are better off with a complete replacement as an alternative.

With a new dock installation, you will have the benefit of future protection on your dock. For example, marine construction workers can rely on stainless steel screws that will not rust and can stay securely connected to the wooden planks.

The planks and pieces of wood with the most water exposure will also have wrapped pilings. The wrapped pilings offer extra protection from moisture and can also protect the wood from UV rays. Over time, UV rays can cause wood to discolor, weaken, and eventually erode. The wrapped pilings extend this protection and make a difference on the wood.

With this project, you will not have to worry about any major repairs or upkeep for years to come.

2. Dock Size Expansion

If you have repairs completed on your dock, then you are pretty much just limited to the size of the dock you have now. If you did expand any areas, then one part of the dock could look completely different than the other part. With a replacement dock, you will start fresh and can choose the design elements that fit your wants and needs.

For example, if you want to entertain more, then you have the opportunity to expand a large open area to fit more outdoor seating or extra elements like a table. You could create a longer walkover area that extends out towards the water and offers easy access to the shore.

You could expand the dock horizontally to create a boardwalk-like dock on your property and have more areas to walk and explore on the dock material. If you seek spots for more boats, then the dock can expand over the water and feature more space to store boats, canoes, and other watercraft.

A marine construction crew can listen to your vision and help you plan out an ideal design. With a complete replacement, you will not feel stuck with your current setup and have the opportunity to expand the area as you wish. Blueprints and designs will give you an opportunity to see the design before the process fully begins.

3. Composite Decking Options

Instead of sticking with traditional wood, a marine construction crew can put together a whole new deck made of composite deck boards. Composite decks have the look of wood but feature stronger materials and eliminate a lot of the annoyances associated with wood.

For example, you can walk barefoot on a composite deck without any worries of splinters. You also do not need to worry about the wood splitting over time. High heat and humidity can change the shape and flow of traditional wood. Eventually, wood can slit, sections can pop off, and issues can occur. With composite decking, you do not run into those issues.

The costs may be a little higher upfront for composite decking, but you also don't need to worry about maintenance on the boards. The screws won't rust, and water does not penetrate the material. With composite decking, you do not need to stain the wood or worry about applying new coats of stain in the future.

If you repaired the boards, then those maintenance needs would come into play down the line, eventually wasting more money and time. A replacement will give you peace of mind and allow you to fully enjoy your dock without putting so much work in.

Contact us at Abbotts' Construction Services, Inc., to plan your future dock replacement. We have years of experience building docks, decks, boat launches, walkovers, and many other forms of marine construction. Our team can help you with the process from start to finish and help transform your waterfront area for the better.

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