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4 Ways To Enhance Vacation Properties With Marine Construction

If you own a waterfront property, then you may choose to rent out the property to vacation guests through a number of online services. As the popularity of vacation home rentals grows, you want to make sure your property stands out among others. While you can complete a number of upgrades inside the home, you can make a lot of changes on the exterior as well.

Using the services of a marine construction company, you have the opportunity to make some major upgrades to your property. With the upgrades, you can advertise the features, expand bookings, and help your home really stand out among the many online listings. Check out some of the upgrades to consider that will enhance the use of the waterfront area.

1. Walkover Decks

The waterfront area of your property can provide a lot of activities for guests. They may want to access the waterfront area to swim, fish, or enjoy the beautiful views at sunrise and sunset. Offer guests easy access to the waterfront area with the installation of a walkover deck.

A raised walkover deck can be installed over almost any type of land. A walkover typically features a straight deck with rails and a staircase that ascends down to the waterfront area. The installation of a walkover deck provides a safe way for guests to explore your property without the need to climb down sandy or rocky slopes.

Marine construction crews can install composite decking that provides durability and minimal maintenance. The straight design of a walkover deck also gives you the opportunity to take some spectacular pictures that you can use to advertise your vacation home rental.

2. Boardwalk Installations

If you want a waterfront deck area larger than a walkover, then consider the installation of a full boardwalk on your property. A boardwalk installation can expand multiple directions and provide guests with a walking path, jogging path, and multiple entertainment options.

Along with single rows, a marine construction company can expand the area to include wider openings and entertainment areas with built-in benches. The use of a private boardwalk could be a major selling point of the vacation property and really enhance the value of the rental.

As you work with marine construction companies, you have the opportunity to plan specific design elements and choose the complete path of the boardwalk. You could see out specific measurements like a half-mile loop that provides daily exercise opportunities. You can make the boardwalk your own and really fit the installation onto your property.

3. Covered Docks

If your waterfront property gets a lot of direct sun, then you can provide a relaxing area with the installation of a covered dock. A dock will expand out over the water and create a scenic view. A covered roof on the dock will provide a lot of shade so guests can enjoy the area for hours and take in all of the views and relaxation.

A covered dock area gives you the opportunity to create an outdoor entertainment space for guests. You can provide outdoor furniture. A marine construction crew can install extra features like built-in lights and outlets. The outlets provide the opportunity to add extra entertainment options like a mini-fridge or sound systems.

The lights allow people to use the dock for expanded amounts of time and could be one of the features you highlight in a vacation rental listing. Even if guests have to deal with bad weather, the use of the covered dock allows them to still enjoy the outdoors and make the best out of their vacation.

4. Boat Lifts

If your vacation house provides boating opportunities for guests, then you can make the process a lot easier with the installation of a boat lift. A professional marine construction crew can install a boat lift off the side of a dock. The type of boat lift you have installed will depend on the boats you plan to offer your guests.

For example, you may only need a small boat lift for the use of canoes and kayaks. If you offer the use of a larger boat, then you can have a boat lift that accommodates the larger size. The ease of use of a boat lift will make it easy for guests to get in and out of the water and ensure your watercraft pieces remain protected.

In some cases, you may want a boat lift installed so guests don't try to use one of your boats. A boat lift will keep your boat out of the water and you can keep the key to the boat lift so visitors cannot lower the boat in the water. When you go to use the house yourself, you can enjoy the quick access to the boat lift and reduce the amount of time needed to prepare the boat.

For more information on marine construction upgrades, contact us at Abbotts' Construction Services Inc. We will help you plan these upgrades and ensure your property looks ready and enticing for potential vacation guests.

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