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6 Dock Design Features Ideal for Daily Exercise

If you live on the waterfront, then you likely enjoy spectacular views each day. The views offer a lot of relaxation and inspiration, especially if exercise daily. Get the most out of a daily exercise routine with the installation of a dock. A new dock installation gives you the opportunity to select specific design features and elements.

Check out some features that will enhance your daily exercise routine and provide you with a lot of versatile options as you stretch and work out from your own dock.

1. Composite Decking

A lot of traditional docks feature real wooden planks and posts. Unfortunately, over time, wood can splinter and can create an uncomfortable surface to exercise on, especially if you like to exercise barefoot or do a lot of floor-based exercises. One of the best options for a new deck installation is a composite deck.

Composite deck boards are designed to mimic wood but will not splinter or rot. Enjoy a comfortable and smooth surface to walk on and perform multiple exercises. The composite decking is durable and will last for multiple decades without issue.

Consider composite decking in a lighter color. The lighter shades will not absorb as much sunlight and will keep the surfaces cooler during hot days where the sun shines down.

2. Sun Deck Areas

Many docks include a single-path platform without a lot of extra space to move around. When you design a custom dock, look into adding a sun deck area to the main portion of the dock. A sun deck is wider and offers a much larger space to work out on. With a sun deck, you can perform yoga and cardio workouts because you’ll have the extra room to move around.

Some of the bigger sun deck spaces may include enough space for multiple people to work out together. Plan family workouts or workouts with friends.

3. Looping Docks

Instead of a dock with a single straight path, consider a dock with a large, looping path that features two entry points. When you build a dock with a loop, you have a chance to perform more cardio exercises. Spend each day running or jogging around the dock. You can measure out your laps to learn how far a mile is and know exactly how far to run to reach specific goals.

Play around with different designs. You could have a dock branch off into multiple areas to help you create different running or walking paths to choose from each day. Dock construction designers can plan out sections and work to ensure you have a stable and durable dock that can fit your size needs.

4. Ladders

Swimming is a great form of exercise that is easy on the limbs and that promotes heart health. Whether you live near an ocean or a backyard body of water like a pond, a daily dip can really expand your exercise routine. Easily get in and out of the water with the installation of a ladder.

A dock ladder goes right into the water and hangs low enough to easily grab while you’re in the water. One ladder is typically enough to provide water access, but you could choose multiple ladders on different areas of the dock to provide you with entry options.

5. Post Lights

Deck posts help stabilize a dock and keep sections in place, but the rails can also feature accessories to help you through workout routines. For example, you could add lights to each post to illuminate the dock area. The lights expand your workout times, giving you ways to easily work out early in the morning or at night.

Dock contractors can wire lights to another electric box, or you can choose an option like solar-powered lights that are mounted to the top of each post. If you work all day, the night may be the only time you have to exercise, and the lights can ensure you can properly see the edges of the dock while you exercise.

6. Rails

For added safety on your dock, consider the installation of durable rails around specific sections. Rails can prevent accidental slips and falls into the water and can provide a lot of extra support. You could even incorporate rails into your exercise routine.

For example, you may hold onto a rail to help stretch your legs or perform standing yoga moves. The stability of the rail will help you keep your balance. Choose from a basic single rail or a multi-level rail with multiple options to grab onto. Rails installed at various heights give you a lot of options for your exercise routines and different angles that you can stretch at.

For more information on dock installations, contact us at Abbotts’ Construction Services, Inc. We will help you plan and install a dock to fit your exercise needs while following guidelines to ensure the dock is stable and can float on the water for years to come.

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