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Marine Dock Features Ideal for Photographers

The view of the natural water provides a lot of inspiration for photographers. You may enjoy taking pictures of sunsets, boats on the water, or marine wildlife. The dock you have attached to your waterfront property can make a big difference in the type of photographs you're able to capture and take.

As you seek a new dock installation, keep your photography in mind. You will find some of the specific features of a dock will cater more to photographers than other features. Learn about some of these features and know what to request when you hire contractors for a marine dock installation.

Dock Type

When you have a dock installed over water, you have multiple options for the style of the dock. A piling dock will typically be set in a sturdy and accessible location based on the water levels on the dock.

A piling dock can also hold heavier items and materials while remaining stationary. Unfortunately though, piling docks require the right type of sea bed terrain to be safe and secure. In instances where the sea bed terrain is not fit for your dock, there are other dock-type options to consider.

Instead of a piling dock, you can choose a fixed dock installation. A fixed dock may include a little extra height to keep the dock above water. The stable design allows you to walk out to the furthest end to take pictures and capture stable images.

Dock Rail

Along with a fixed dock, you have the opportunity to add more stability to your dock with the use of dock rails. As you go out to take photos, you can balance your body or elbows directly on the rails as opposed to standing freely while you take pictures. Stable rails can help you reduce arm fatigue.

You may also select a wide rail that has enough space to directly place a camera on. The rail itself will ensure your pictures remain level and match the horizon line. The balance will make a big difference in the outcome of your shots. For example, if you want to take time-lapse photography, you could leave a camera on the rail and take the same images throughout the day.

Dock Color

The colors you select for your dock can make a big difference in the photography you create. Many modern docks rely on composite planks so you have a wide range of color options to select from with the planks. For example, if you want dock planks that reflect light, then you can choose a lighter color for the finish.

The lighter color will help bounce light upwards and make a difference for any human portrait photos you take. For example, if you take pictures of someone in a hat, then the shadows from the hat could darken their face. When you find spots that reflect light, the face will become illuminated without the need to remove the hat.

If you seek out more rustic and nostalgic dock picture designs, then choose a composite color finish that looks more like natural wood. The natural wood finish will make the dock look rustic without any of the warping or splinters commonly associated with older docks.

When you hire a contractor for the dock installation, you can browse through the color options to pick the best one that will match your photography style.

Dock Lighting

If you like to take pictures in the early morning, at dusk, or at night, then you may want a little lighting to help. Specialty lighting on a dock can provide nice effects for photos and practical use while on the dock.

The piling caps you have installed could feature built-in lights that shine downward toward the dock surface. The edges of the dock could feature lighting to help illuminate the walkway. When you go out with your camera equipment, these lights can provide clear views of your equipment so you can switch lenses, put in new batteries, or complete other tasks.

The lights can add a lot of ambiance to shots that you take as well. You can use the dock lights to create a nice mood when you take portraits or as part of the foreground as boats go by in the background. You have the opportunity to play around with the light as you rely on the built-in lights for your photography.

With specialty lighting, you may not need to rely on other forms of artificial lighting like a flash. You may also select the color tint of the dock lights. A blue color tint would create a whole different atmosphere than a red tint.

A dock construction contractor can install a dock that features extra strength and durability to meet all your photo needs. For more information on dock installation and construction, reach out to us at Abbotts' Construction Services, Inc. We can provide you with a dock area ideal for all kinds of photography.

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