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Modern Dock Features Ideal for UV and Humidity Protection

When you see docks that sit on bodies of water, you can instantly tell which ones have seen better days. The docks have discoloration, the wood looks warped, and you probably wonder how safe it actually is to walk on the dock. The problem with those docks of the past is often a lack of UV and humidity protection.

The sun is one of the main enemies of natural wood docks of the past. Thankfully, you could install a dock in the future that showcases modern features and has protection from the sun's rays and heat, which will often impact the dock on a daily basis. Learn about some of the dock features you can order when you hire a construction company for a new dock.

Wrapped Pilings

The dock pilings provide stability to a dock, especially for any sections that hang over the water. The pilings go deep into the water and will hold sections of the dock up. Instead of exposed materials on the piling installation, a marine construction company will often use wrapped pilings as the modern standard for the dock.

The wrapped pilings include a plastic material so that sunlight and moisture cannot penetrate the wood. The pilings will typically include UV inhibitors so the sunlight does not damage or impact the condition of the wood. The wrapped pilings will also extend down deep into the water.

Along with the sun protection, bugs and animals cannot penetrate the wood and deteriorate the condition. The stability of your dock will remain for years to come due to the wrapping. Other than storm damage, you do not need to worry about everyday wear from the sun exposure and heat.

The top of the dock posts will often include piling caps to offer additional protection. The top of each post includes direct exposure to the sunlight, and the cap protection can prevent extra wear and tear from above. Pointed caps can also prevent animals like birds from landing on the posts and causing possible damage.

Composite Decking

Wood docks can only stand so much of the sun and humidity. High heat and moisture cause wood to expand and contract. No matter how tightly screwed in the wood starts off with, the heat will eventually impact a dock and create uneven walking surfaces. Eventually, the wood would deteriorate and create dangerous walking areas along with areas prone to splinters.

Modern docks will avoid these problems with composite decking. The boards use a mix of materials rather than just pure wood and eliminate a lot of the problems found in the past. You do not need to worry about boards warping due to excess heat and humidity. The boards will not change shape or buckle due to the temperature.

Composite decking will feature the same texture and style as wood, but you have many color options to choose from and do not need to worry about staining or painting your dock in the years to come. The color finishes on the composite decking will include UV protection so the colors do not fade or change over time.

Routed Edges

The composite boards in modern docks may also come with routed edges for the end pieces. Instead of a flat edge, a routed edge offers a smoother transition for the dock. The edges can help prevent warping and will reduce the impact of any sun damage or wear. For example, high heat and pressure will not cause the edges to chip or splinter.

You can fully reduce the wear and create a nice visual for the dock as well. The curved edges will not expose as much of the raw composite materials and can naturally help moisture drip off in high humidity areas. In some cases, you can choose the routed edge design based on the composite decks you choose. Some may include multiple layers and curves.

Stainless Steel Screws

When you view old docks, you may see some nails poking out. The nails push up due to the heat, humidity, and warping of the wood. Modern docks keep boards secure with stainless steel screws. The screws will not rust and provide you with a stable anchor for all of the dock boards you have installed.

When the composite wood maintains the proper shape, the screws will hold the wood in place. You do not need to worry about loose boards or screws that pop up and create a potential tripping hazard.

For more information on a modern dock installation, contact us at Abbotts' Construction Services, Inc. We can provide all of the modern parts and features to ensure your dock lasts for many years and remains protected from sun damage and humidity exposure. We have a lot of different design options and can customize the dock to fit your ideal design and vision.

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