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New Dock Features To Help Prevent Trip & Fall Accidents

The last thing you want to do on a dock is trip and fall. Not only can the hard surface hurt your body, but you end up in the water as part of the fall. While older docks or waterfront areas may offer a lot of tripping hazards, a new dock can prevent these hazards in multiple ways.

Check out some new dock features that can help prevent trip and fall accidents.

Composite Decking & Stainless Steel Screws

Old wooden decks put together with nails can pop up over time. The nails could loosen, and the deck boards could warp due to exposure to heat, humidity, and excess moisture. When deck boards do not sit evenly, you could constantly deal with trip hazards and potential issues.

Composite decking does not feature the same attributes as solid wood. The deck material will not warp or change shape over time. The flat surface will remain that way and create a safer way to walk on the dock. The boards will connect to the base of the dock using stainless steel screws.

The screws do not rust over time, and the strength of the screws will keep the boards securely in place. Both of these elements combined prevent any tripping hazards and create the safest surface possible for a dock.

Dock Rails

The open edges of a dock can create possible trip and fall scenarios. You may stand closer to the edge than you realize and end up falling into the water. One leg could slip off the side and cause you to scrape your leg on the edges. You can prevent these accidents with the installation of dock rails.

Rails provide a stable way to hold onto the side of the dock and prevent any major issues. For even more protection, you could install dock rails with crossbars that help prevent trip and fall accidents for younger people who go on the dock as well. A new dock installation can feature dock rails that extend across the whole dock.

Not only do rails help prevent you from falling off a dock, but they can offer something to grip and hold onto as you make your way across it. Use the rails to stay balanced and upright while you walk.

Built-In Lighting

Dusk, dawn, and night-time dock visits will often be accompanied by limited lighting situations. You do not want to misstep or trip due to a low-light situation. When you install a new dock on your waterfront property, you can add built-in lighting to the dock. The lighting can be added in multiple ways.

You can have a wired light system that turns on with a switch and illuminates the dock boards. You could install solar-powered lights that automatically turn on in low-light situations. The built-in lighting can shine directly on the dock boards, so you can see where you are walking.

The lighting will also illuminate any potential tripping hazards on the dock. For example, the dock could be wet from a recent rainstorm, and the lighting will highlight small puddles or wet spots that could become tripping hazards. Choose a lighting system that best fits your needs and fully illuminates the dock area for extra safety precautions.

Piling Strength & Features

The piling installation on a new dock makes a big difference in the stability. Smaller pilings could wear down over time and create unstable dock surfaces that move or adjust with each step you take. With a new dock installation, the piling will offer stability in multiple ways. The piling will feature a thick diameter and extra strength to hold dock boards.

Marine construction contractors will install the piling at least six feet deep into the water to offer extra stability. The depth of the piling will prevent them from loosening over time or creating a shaky surface on the top of the dock.

The pilings will also include a wrap. The wrap offers multiple protections from wear and tear. The wrap prevents any wear from water or erosion. It can also offer protection from UV exposure, which could weaken the pilings and the stability of a dock. The wrapping also protects against wood-boring insects.

Insects that bore through the wood can create a lot of damage and possibly change the overall shape of a dock. For example, if a piling is worn down on one side due to bugs, then the dock may sit unevenly and create a tripping hazard. The piling wrapping will prevent this and provide stability for years to come.

For all of your marine construction needs, reach out to us at Abbotts' Construction Services, Inc. We have spent years building stable and strong docks that reduce the chances of trip and fall accidents and create a beautiful waterfront oasis for you to enjoy regularly.

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