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Site Preparation for New Docks & Boat Launches

Waterfront properties offer great access to ponds, lakes, rivers, and the ocean. If you have an all-natural area with water access, you may want to build and expand the space to include structures like a dock, boat launch, or small building set right on the water. Before you can consider any of those installations, you must first prepare the site for construction.

Site preparation can include many elements. Learn some of the site preparation services a construction company can provide and how to really transform the area for more recreational water use in the future.

1. Electrical Grid Connections

You could choose to go rustic with your dock or choose a dock area with electrical connections. A construction company can help prepare your dock area with a connection to the electrical grid on the property. When you set up the electrical grid connection first, you don't have to worry about disturbing the land or making major changes after the dock installation.

An electrical grid connection can add a lot of benefits to a dock area. You can wire lights for use at night. The dock can feature a boat lift to remove boats from the water for maintenance, cleaning, or transport. You may want to use outlets on docks for a wide range of uses like water pressure cleaners, entertainment devices, or battery chargers.

A connection to an electrical grid will provide you with stable power options and more versatility. For example, you may seek out the installation of a small boat house on the dock. An electrical connection could provide power in the boat house for lights, electric heat, or ceiling fans.

2. Debris Removal

A dock area could have a wide range of debris that needs removal before construction begins. The area could have large trees and stones that block the way for construction. Ideally, a construction company would remove debris with a minimal impact on the surrounding area. Any trees that pose a threat to possible dock damage or falling will likely get trimmed or completely taken down.

An experienced construction company will know how to differentiate between debris that is appropriate for removal and debris that should stay in place for the sake of the local ecology.

In some cases, a construction company could help repurpose some of the debris. For example, large stones could line the access road to the dock or get placed right on the edge of the water. Before the items get removed from your property, you can decide what to do with some of the pieces and create a custom look that fits your vision.

For all your site preparation needs, contact us at Abbotts' Construction Services, Inc. We offer full-service construction options and can help guide you from start to finish in the construction process. We have years of experience in dock installation and can answer any questions you have about the whole construction process for docks and properties.

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