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Waterfront Dock Features Ideal for Reading & Relaxation

Owning waterfront property comes with a lot of opportunity to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Along with everyday use for boats and fishing, you can take advantage of your dock area by creating an ideal place to read and relax. While not every dock offers an ideal reading area, you can create a nice space with a custom dock installation.

Check out some of the unique features to consider for your dock installation. The features will make it a lot easier to read and relax on your dock space. Professional dock installers can make these installations a reality and provide you with a waterfront reading space that you use for years to come.

Built-In Benches

You’ll always have a spot to read and relax when your waterfront dock features a built-in bench. This bench can attach directly to the dock. When not in use, you do not need to worry about the bench blowing away or falling into the water. You can always bring out cushions or blankets and extra chairs for guests as needed, but a bench can make a huge difference for quick reading options.

The bench can connect to the side edges of the dock or be more centered based on your preferences. For larger dock installations, you may seek out multiple benches. For example, you could choose two benches that sit across from each other. Benches provide an ideal way to sit comfortably and enjoy some comfortable reading time near relaxing waters.

After the bench installation, you could consider some accessories as well. For example, you could add a cushioned top to the bench to provide extra comfort if you decide to read for longer periods of time. You may also decide to add a waterproof storage box underneath the bench. The storage box could hold extra books and magazines you keep for reading material.

Dock Pilling Lights

If you want to relax and read at sunset, then you can enjoy a little extra illumination in the form of dock pilling lights. The dock pilling can feature lights at the top. These lights can illuminate the whole dock area and the pages of the book you sit and read.

The lights can feature solar power technology or a dock construction company can wire lights to an electrical connection for direct power options. You can choose to have a bench installed right near the lights or position your own chair near the lights for easy access.

Dock Rooftops

Sitting in direct sunlight to read for extended periods of time can come with many issues. The heat may feel too hot to read. You can put yourself at risk for sunburn. The glare and intensity of the sun could reflect directly off the page and make it hard to read. Consider adding a little shade to your dock installation with the addition of a dock rooftop.

A permanent rooftop can provide a lot of a shade while still allowing natural light to come in on the side. The shade will provide a lot of comfort as you relax and read books. You will still enjoy the great views and nice weather while in the shade, and you won’t need to worry about a sudden rainstorm making your book soggy.

Rooftop options vary, so you can choose a design that matches the decking for your dock. You could choose to cover a specific area or provide roofing over the whole dock and boardwalk area. The type of roof you choose will depend on your budget and personal preferences.

Expanded Deck Area

Instead of a dock that just goes straight out on a thin path, you can opt for an expanded deck area. The expanded deck area gives you plenty of room to stretch your body out, relax, and enjoy your reading. You will have the space to put outdoor furniture in the area without taking up all of the dock space.

For example, you could add an L-shaped outdoor couch that gives you multiple seating options to remain comfortable while you read. A contractor will present you with multiple size options so you can select the best expanded deck for your waterfront space.

Revetment Areas

Along with the dock, you can choose to have a revetment area installed on your waterfront property. A revetment area includes piles of stones that adds a barrier between your land and the water. When water crashes into the revetment area, it will trickle down the rocks and create natural relaxing sounds.

The visuals and sounds from a revetment area can really improve your reading experience. The sounds of the water can add a lot of relaxation and create some nice background noise as you read books. The sounds can enhance the way you read specific books as well. For example, you may read books that take place on a beach or at the sea.

Plan out a waterfront reading oasis with our professional contractors at Abbotts' Construction Services Inc. We have years of construction experience and can help you plan out an ideal dock for your property.

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