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Site Preparation FAQ

Do you do site preparation for new residential construction?

Yes, call our office to speak with an experienced project estimator to receive your free estimates. Abbotts’ performs all types of site work. We specialize in almost every aspect of site construction except building the house. When you are building a new home it can be a nightmare to use multiple contractors for the different phases of your site preparation. If you use Abbotts’ you will have the luxury of communicating with one company for every phase of your site preparation.

 Do you install culverts?

Yes, as long as you know what needs to be installed we can give you an estimate for culvert installation. Most home owners don’t know that the county/ city actually dictates what type of culvert you must install and how deep it must be in the ground. To get a head start call the building department to get this information before you call for your culvert estimate. This makes it easier to give you an accurate price.

Do you do land clearing?

Yes, our estimator must look at your clearing project in order to give you an accurate price. All lots are different, depending on what you are clearing and how big the trees are prices always change from one to the next.

Do you do brush mowing?

Yes, clearing doesn’t necessarily always mean removing trees. If you have a lot that contains heavy brush call our office for your free estimate.

Do you repair rock or shell driveways?

Yes, Abbotts’ will be able to provide you with multiple options for your driveway whether you’re building a new one or refurbishing an old one.

Do you haul material such as fill, shell, rock, and other aggregates?

Yes, we haul all types of material including rip rap / boulders.

Do you pour concrete?

No, we do not pour concrete but if you have hired us for a multi-level project sometimes that type of work can be subcontracted.

My lot has a drainage problem; can you make it drain properly?

Yes, sometimes your project must be coordinated with an engineer but there are usually multiple options you can use to make your lot drain properly.

Do you dig ponds?

Yes, often homeowners with acreage dig ponds and use the fill material to build their house pad. If you just want a pond and already have a house we can give you an estimate to haul the material away.

My lake bank has erosion, what are my options?

There are many options for erosion control. Often, rip rap/ boulder material is installed around lake banks along with filter cloth for erosion control. You will be able to find multiple pictures on our site for examples.